Monthly Archives: September 2013

How we will be producing our Lambic

The more I think about it, the more difficult it is to compose the series of posts around the Lambic Project. For one, I’ve put so much thought and research into it, that it’s hard to talk about one aspect without mentioning all the others. So apologies if some of these posts contain redundant info, […]

Lambic Starters, Batch 2

I’m in the process of brewing yeast/bacteria starters for our Lambic barrels. A couple weeks ago, I brewed a batch and fermented it with the same strain that two of our other barrel projects use. It’s shown itself to be a strong fermenter and to carry the proper balance of microbes to produce funk and […]

Chasing a dream… Lambic

Having brewed predominately sour beers for the past few years now, I’ve for assorted reasons, always avoided Lambic. I’m sure it’s some combination of the mythical significance it holds within the brewing community at large, and with that the lore of how incredibly difficult it is to produce. Turbid mashes, fussy microbes, and assorted other […]


Yet another brewery from the wonderful Brouwerij in België. This is a new one to me, so I can’t speak for their beers, but man, that brewery is so badass. I’m a huge sucker for wood cladding, then couple that with the awesome German style, blue and white checkered tile, and cool architecture, and I’l […]

Brouwerij Alvinne

I’m starting a series on one of my favorite things, small breweries. I won’t say Nano, or Pico, or any of that bullshit, just small. I’ll be posting maybe a sentence or two on why I find each particularly interesting, and other than that it will simply be images and links. Why are small breweries […]

Saison du Mysterié

I suppose it happens to every homebrewer at some point, you go buy a bunch of ingredients for a specific beer, with all the care and planning you usually do, but at some point it sits in your grain storage, and is forgotten about completely. Well, in this case not completely… I knew I needed to […]