Lambic Starters, Batch 2

I’m in the process of brewing yeast/bacteria starters for our Lambic barrels. A couple weeks ago, I brewed a batch and fermented it with the same strain that two of our other barrel projects use. It’s shown itself to be a strong fermenter and to carry the proper balance of microbes to produce funk and sourness in healthy doses. I’ll be discussing more on that in an upcoming post.

Yesterday I brewed the second starter batch for The Lambic Project. I used roughly the same recipe as the first one. This one will be fermented with our ambient yeast starter, harvested from a jar of wort left outside over night at Commish’s family cabin. The starter for this batch is already showing Lambic-like aromas at one month from the making.

Brewed with: Forever alone. :/

Recipe details:

6g batch
8# Pils
4# Wheat malt
.75oz EKG
1l Wild yeast starter

Brewing details:

Doughed in with 4g, 163° water, to achieve a mash temp of 151°. Rested roughly 1 hour. Because my mash tun loses temp pretty fast, I decided to do an infusion of 1.3g (remaining water total – 4g) to bring the temp back up into the mid 150’s for the next hour. Hit 154°. Mashed out with 190° water, apparently only hit a mash out of 165°. Weird.

Boiled for 2 hours. Added 3g Potassium Metabisulfite to to neutralize the Chloramine in my water. Post boil gravity; 1.057, right on target. I somehow lost about .75 gallons somewhere in the process. Not too concerned as I still have plenty, but I think I may need to re-check my equipment losses. I chilled with an immersion chiller to 74°, then racked the beer to a bucket and put it in the ferm closet set at 63 overnight. The overnight rest is one of the “traditional” aspects of Lambic production that I am keeping for this project. The overnight rest encourages enteric bacteria growth, which is said to be a key component in producing the classic Lambic balance of flavors. Today I pitched the starter. I’ll likely see pretty strong fermentation later this afternoon.

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