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Brouwerij Den Toetëlèr, Hoeselt, Belgium

I was browsing around some Lambic forum discussions, when for some reason someone linked to this article. (Perhaps the Kriek beer?) Anyway, It’s an awesome small brewery. I love what they’ve done with the tile work. The place has that sparkly clean look that a lot of older German breweries have. Great use of non-standard […]

8 Sail Brewery

8 Sail is a brewery in Heckington, Lincolnshire UK, which has the most badass distinction of being sat right next to an 8 sail windmill. I can’t think of a cooler location. I’d like to think some of the energy created there helps power the brewery, but I may be romanticizing a bit. Anyway, it’s […]


Yet another brewery from the wonderful Brouwerij in België. This is a new one to me, so I can’t speak for their beers, but man, that brewery is so badass. I’m a huge sucker for wood cladding, then couple that with the awesome German style, blue and white checkered tile, and cool architecture, and I’l […]

Brouwerij Alvinne

I’m starting a series on one of my favorite things, small breweries. I won’t say Nano, or Pico, or any of that bullshit, just small. I’ll be posting maybe a sentence or two on why I find each particularly interesting, and other than that it will simply be images and links. Why are small breweries […]