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Lambic Starters, Batch 2

I’m in the process of brewing yeast/bacteria starters for our Lambic barrels. A couple weeks ago, I brewed a batch and fermented it with the same strain that two of our other barrel projects use. It’s shown itself to be a strong fermenter and to carry the proper balance of microbes to produce funk and […]

Saison du Mysterié

I suppose it happens to every homebrewer at some point, you go buy a bunch of ingredients for a specific beer, with all the care and planning you usually do, but at some point it sits in your grain storage, and is forgotten about completely. Well, in this case not completely… I knew I needed to […]

Big brew day. 20g for the Solera Golden Ale Barrel

One of the best things about the advanced stages of homebrew obsession is being involved in ongoing barrel projects. This was the first big group project I got involved in and my second project using the Solera method. At some point I need to document more of that here, but I’m terrible at posting, so […]

Small IPA with Local Nugget Hops

While my hops gardening was a little more successful than last year, I still didn’t really have much of a harvest. However, one of my wife’s employees was good enough to share hers, and laid about 12oz total on me. Some of that went to other projects which will make it here eventually, but a […]